Head notes: lemon, mandarin
Heart notes: basil, cucumber, orange blossom
Base notes: musk 

Summer in the Grisons, enriched with a mix of Mediterranean notes. Lake Cauma early in the morning: uniquely beautiful with its bright turquoise, crystal-clear water. Lemony freshness combined with cool cucumber and juicy green basil, enriched with a cool gust of wind from the Grisons mountains.

ERVAS is a fresh, cooling fragrance combining the freshness of a mountain lake with Mediterranean notes. 

75ml / CHF 240

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Head notes: grapefruit, bergamot
Heart notes: Swiss stone pine, patchouli
Base notes: myrrh, sandalwood, ambergris

The fragrant scent of a Swiss stone pine forest in the Grisons region on an autumn morning. The mist slowly rising through the trees; dew-covered moss glistening in the sunlight as the sun’s rays warm the forest floor. The earth beneath the moss gives off the irresistible fragrance of autumn freshness. Before falling into a deep winter slumber, the woodland gives up a wonderful array of woody, spicy and fruity notes.

PINUS is perfect for the colder months, enveloping the senses in a warm, comforting and fresh aroma. 

75ml / CHF 240

Shipping to Switzerland and the EU is free of charge. Please contact uns for shipping in all other countries

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ODUR is Romansh for “fragrance” and is also the name of a new fragrance that tells the story of two friends who, in their youth, made a pledge of lifelong friendship to each other. Over the decades, their Grisons roots, the power of the Grisons mountains and their shared passion for fragrances have been constants in their lives and have cemented their friendship. 

And so began an exciting, endless journey through the world of fragrances for Patrick Stebler, owner of a chemist’s shop and perfumery in Chur, and Claudio Zier, long-term co-owner and CEO of an advertising agency in Zurich.  At his perfumery in Chur, Patrick built up one of the finest selections of niche fragrances in Switzerland while Claudio managed a renowned advertising agency in Zurich for twenty years. The two soon became habitués of the international niche and artistic perfumery show in Florence. They spent many years smelling scents and searching for the perfect fragrance. Finally, at the age of 50, they decided to create their own fragrance in the form of a perfume. 
Patrick and Claudio reached an important milestone in their journey when they met renowned perfumer Giovanni Sammarco, who lived and worked in Switzerland. Giovanni contributed his in-depth knowledge of perfumery and was excited to join the two passionate scent-seekers on their two-year quest. 

The two friends encapsulated the philosophy behind their project as follows: “We wish to celebrate our Grisons roots, our friendship and Nature. We are looking to create a fragrance that captures the special moments in our lives. Our goal is to create a strong, unique, nature-infused fragrance with staying power and an essential oil content of at least 20 per cent.” The result was two phenomenal fragrances, which, for once, hailed not from the fragrance capitals of the world but instead from the majestic mountains and valleys of the Swiss Grisons region. Sophisticated, passionate and unique: ODUR PINUS and ERVAS. 


Available from:

Sinnesdüfte Stebler
Quaderstrasse 8
7001 Chur

Scheitergasse 10
8001 Zürich

Claudio Zier
Glockengasse 8
8001 Zürich

Gesundheitsdrogerie Zier
Promenade 144
7260 Davos Dorf

Aedes Perfumery
16A Orchard Street
Lower East Side
New York, New York

Rathaus Apotheke
Zürcherstrasse 153
8500 Frauenfeld


Bachstrasse 34

Ludwig Beck (Fünf Höfe)
Theatinerstrasse 14
80333 München

Baettig Parfumerie
Multergasse 2
9000 St.Gallen